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Locksmith Reading - Can't get in ? Berkshire Expert Locksmiths are here to help! - 29/07/2018

Found yourself locked outside of your door. What can you do to fix this unfortunate circumstance? Well, there are several options you could try, and all of us at Berkshire locksmith are here to provide you with the best possible solutions! Your first step should be to call us for help. First, in case one of your close friends or neighbors has a spare key, then you should obviously first call them and ask for it! That would definitely be the best and quickest solution for your predicament. Else, If you have a landlord then calling him and asking for an extra key would be a good idea. Also, if you live in a residential complex, the property manager’s office might have a spare key. Once they let you use their key, to get yourself back home. Are you home and safe? Don’t forget to make sure you go and make a copy of the key, for future use. If none of these options work, and there is no spare key to be found, you can check if one of the windows is open. Obviously, if one of your windows is open, there is a bigger concern than being left out of your house- your premises may be vulnerable to an intrusion. We recommend you keep all your windows locked from now on, but in this particular case, it may assist you more than being a hazard. Finally, if none of these suggestions helped you get back in, then now is the time you to contact us for an experienced expert to easily get you back in your house, with no harm to your property. You may consider trying to break in by yourself, either by removing your doorknob or picking your own lock. We advise you not to do that, it may create unnecessary damage, that eventually will lead you to call us to fix the problem anyway. So please contact us, and have our skilled team fix the situation in no time, so you can get back and have a pleasant evening at home.

Locksmith Reading - with you everywhere, whenever need arises - 15/07/2018

Our service is available for all locations, offering a quick response to every need, whenever, wherever. Contact us and get a fast solution to any situation you may find yourself in. Speed is one of our most important values, we offer a high standard, reliable quality service with a minimal waiting period, for all your troubles.    We make great effort to guarantee, that all of our clients' security concerns are taken care of in the best possible way. It is highly important for us that our clients know that they make the best choice when choosing our services. Feel free to ask our loyal staff anything, we invite you to ask for our low-cost quotes, easily compared with the competition, for your convenience and peace of mind. We stand by our promises - low and fair prices, impeccable service and high protection standards, surpassing any other offers you may get in this field. We provide all of these services, whenever you need, for any location in Berkshire, guaranteeing a fast as possible response time, especially if there is a case of urgency.      To satisfy your everyday needs, including installments, repairs, restorations and key copying- contact us today and discover our seamless and inexpensive delivery. We are very proud of the quality of service we provide with emphasis on being there for you, as fast as possible, giving you all you require wherever you are. After all, there is no need for emergency locksmith aid if you can’t get it in time! Spare yourself future hassle and let our skilled and trustworthy team members work for you.

Better than ever front door security from Berkshire Expert Locksmiths

Unfortunately, It is quite possible that your front door ​is ​not sufficiently secure. Feeling safe is the most basic need ​we all have. We all feel this necessity, especially when we put our loved ones to sleep and go to bed. In the end, feeling secure is the key to peace of mind, good rest and even feeling healthy, You need to make sure to call a professional  Locksmith Reading, Access and Repair . Obviously, it is important to have the same feeling when you are out, or at work, feeling safe and sound, knowing your household and possessions are secure at all times. Nonetheless, with nationwide intrusion and property related delinquency on the rise, more and more troubled clients have been calling us, to ask about home protection improvements. It doesn’t matter if your door is made of wood, blended materials or plastic, additional security improvements could almost always be installed and significantly upgrade your home protection. The door chain is one of the most common safety measures. In fact it is probably the most essential security component, especially in cases of hostile intrusion ​at night time. In such a case when an intruder tries to get into your house by force and break the door, a secure door chain will make things more difficult, hamper his attempt and alert you or your surroundings. This will raise the chances for police involvement sooner and prevent any further damage to yourself and your possessions. In addition, a highly favored installment is anti-thrust plates. These are metal plates, attached with mortise locks installed on the house’s main entrance –on the external part of the door’s framework, making any attempt of breaking the lock almost impossible. Solutions are abundant but an appropriate solution stands in need of a proper product, based on a precise evaluation of your property by a qualified member of Berkshire locksmith, this will produce a high guarantee that you have the best security for home and family. Should you have any additional queries concerning homer home protection, please feel free to contact us.

Key factors of home security with Locksmith Reading

It is​ well known within our customers base, that ​optimal ​security maintenance is one of the most important values of Berkshire Expert Locksmiths In Reading. While some issues ​should be considered common knowledge, it is surprising that some people fail to realize the​ high risk ​level of leaving one’s property unattended and vulnerable, ​an event that should be avoided by all means. In ​evaluating one's domestic security, the key concern ​is your very own door lock. ​The main entrance to your household, must come first. Obviously, your optimal lock type must be determined by the door’s substance and size​. For instance, if your main entrance door is made of wood, Expert Locksmith Reading will advise to consolidate a Yale lock and a mortise lock. For a UPVC door, it is best to obtain an anti-snap and an anti-bump lock to guarantee the highest level of protection. While your front doors are the primary entry to your household, they’re not the only path of entry and therefore are not the sole access point you should take into consideration as part of protecting your home. The windows may be more vulnerable for potential intruders, even though breaking them may accentuate and alarm the surroundings. To prevent it, you must guarantee that your windows are equipped with a sufficient locking system. obviously, securing your windows is crucial for the known reasons, but it also works as a Mean of deterrence. Burglars tend to estimate their risk before entering, they are looking to find the exact houses in which owners have not taken enough security measures and seem “easy” to access. Possession of a sufficient, operating window locking system will prevent any unwanted infiltrators from marking your estate to begin with. Moreover, it is highly recommended to assure that your glass windows are durable enough and take further security measures in order to guarantee your safety while keeping the same level of home decor.

Moving home ? Locksmith Reading are there for you

There are a few really important security measures that are essential when you move. Undoubtedly the most critical one is changing your new house locks, we strongly advise to do so with every move you make. We do not intend to cause panic however, you can never really know if there are any key copies of your keys, nor how many people are able to enter your new premise. For this reason, taking this safety precaution must be one of the primary actions to do before you settle down in your new house. Locksmith Reading would be happy to make this process simple and easy, supplying you with at least two keys for each lock replacement. As a matter of fact, in case you are in need of a new set of keys, we will be happy to cut them and provide them to you. All of these services are just additional examples of Locksmith Reading commitment to make your move as effortless and easy as possible. Obviously, when moving a home, one can always buy new locks and change them by themselves. We at Locksmith Reading must advise that this is not the most recommended action plan. You don’t need to take a chance of insufficient setup when you can always use the trustworthy services of Locksmith Reading and get a quick, sufficient and seamless setup, whenever you please. We have years of experience in providing the best protection systems for new home movers. Security solutions may vary between areas of residence, so one may prefer taking extra precautions when moving to an area with a higher intrusion risk. At Locksmith Reading as a whole, we are very proud of our professional staff members, always willing to assist with every aspect of evaluating your domestic security needs. We’re able to map your security demands and spot all possible vulnerable points of your premises. In case you wish to have a brand new alarm system, our loyal Locksmith Reading staff will be happy to install it in a jiffy. Contact us today and find out what can be done with your new residence.

Customer Service

For all of us at Locksmith Reading, excellent customer service has always been one of the most cherished attributes, for our business success and more importantly for our customers satisfaction. Therefore we find it quite surprising to hear about many other companies who do not treat their customers with the same degree of attention and care. Some might even take advantage of their clients financial state or wellbeing. At Locksmith Reading we firmly believe that this kind of malpractice has to end and companies that are not using their powers to actively abolish this kind of behavior are directly or indirectly part of the problem. Furthermore, it is important to note, not manipulating customers is not part of a good customer service, it is merely essential good manners and not a part of any kind of service. We are committed to maintaining open communication with our clients, we make it easy for our clients to contact us at every hour of every day, through our always-open phone line. We encourage our customers to contact us whenever they please, with any query they have about their lock systems or any other service we provide. It is highly important for us to do so. As a gesture of appreciation to the good people of Reading and Berkshire, for their support and goodwill, demonstrated throughout over 4 years of our business activity. Running a successful business for such a long period of time may is naturally linked to financial growth. However, it's important to note that, we would and have always preferred to focus our efforts on building our services and expanding our loyal customer base, rather than just thinking about our monetary gains. Keeping these work ethics, we can proudly say that when it comes to improper business practice or cutting corners, we always make the effort to do the best for our customer and keep them satisfied, and we’ve been doing so for over 4 years!


 Full Range of Locksmith Services, 5 Star Reviews.

Locksmith Reading or other parts of the Royal County of Berkshire. Retail shops, pubs and restaurants are often subject to vandalism, commonly cracked or broken windows. If this happens to your business or commercial property, it is important that you have a business locksmith in place, who you can rely on to quickly attend irrespective of the time of day and time. This is important because a lot of such damage occurs late at night or early in the morning when people leave pubs or night clubs drunk. If you are locked out of your property our fully trained and professional locksmiths will quickly get you into your property, causing minimum damage and at a reasonable cost.


Emergency Locksmith

24 hour emergency locksmith.All emergency locksmith services in the Berkshire area provided.

We get you back into your property fast. Any time of day or night.

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Business Locksmith

Full range of locksmith services to businesses.

Locksmith services to property management and estate agents.

Best competitive prices to those that hold business locksmith accounts with us.

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Security Advice

Long term security advice and improvements.

Improve the long term security of your property with lock upgrades and security improvements.

Commercial and residential properties.

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uPVC Door Cylinders

British Standard, Insurance Approved.
* Anti-drill, Anti-snap, Anti-bump.
* Body Finish Available: Chrome or Brass.
* 2 Year Warranty.

Prices From:
1 x Cylinder Full Service: £60
2 x Cylinder Full Service: £110
3 x Cylinder Full Service: £140

Night Latch

British Standard, Insurance Approved.
* Body Finish Available: Chrome or Brass.
* 2 Year Warranty.

Prices From:
1 x Night Latch Full Service: £100
2 x Night Latch Full Service: £185
3 x Night Latch Full Service: £250


British Standard, Insurance Approved.
* Body Finish Available: Chrome or Brass.
* 2 Year Warranty.

Prices From:
1 x Mortice Full Service: £70
2 x Mortice Full Service: £120
3 x Mortice Full Service: £180

uPVC Multipoint Mechanism

British Standard, Insurance Approved.
* Body Finish Available: Chrome.
* 3 Year Warranty.

Prices From:
1 x uPVC Multipoint Mechanism Full Service: £120
2 x uPVC Multipoint Mechanism Full Service: £220
3 x uPVC Multipoint Mechanism Full Service: £300

Window Locks

British Standard, Insurance Approved.
* Body Finish Available: White.
* 1 Year Warranty.

Prices From:
1 x Window Locks Full Service: £45
2 x Window Locks Full Service: £80
3 x Window Locks Full Service: £120

Zareen Abrar
Zareen Abrar
19:23 14 Sep 17
Alex came within given time. Expert in locksmiths. I was very disappointed with economy lock Raj he just made money and work for money but expert locksmith are expert super friendly and give you 1 year warranty. Economy lock Raj did not even gave me 1 hr warranty. I m very happy with expert locksmith worth to use them.Super fast excellent job done.
18:34 02 Nov 17
Came home to find that the kids couldn’t shut the door after coming home from school. Turned out that not only was the lock broken but the door itself was falling apart. Mircea swiftly came to my rescue replacing the lock and fixing my door. I can not tell you how thankful I am to him. Would recommend anytime. Wonderful service.
Raqib Solaz
Raqib Solaz
19:49 14 Sep 17
I called to this company as i couldn’t get inside my house and they came in no time very fast response and friendly on the phone.Alex presented to me the steps that will take to get my door open and also explaining what is wrong. I was given 1 year warranty on the service they provided which I found to be very good.I really appreciated the service they provided me, super friendly and professional. I will recommend to anyone
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
14:14 30 Sep 17
Locksmith showed up only 15 minutes after phoning. His name was Alex, a great guy. Friendly and professional. He got the door ope in around 5 minutes he really saved the day. Would definitely recommend.
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams
09:46 02 Oct 17
Alex was excellent. He came out in 10mins, I needed the lock changing and it only took him a further 10mins. Hopefully I don’t lock myself out again but if I do I will definitely use these guys!
Rob Derr
Rob Derr
08:42 10 Dec 17
We had an unexpected problem with the lock of our patio door. Upon contacting Berkshire Expert Locksmiths we received a visit 30 minutes later, all fixed within the hour. Technician Y. was polite and tidy.
Muhammad Hafeez
Muhammad Hafeez
20:03 23 Feb 18
Great experience… right on time & friendly service ..Highly recommendable..
Aaron Dias-Jayasinha
Aaron Dias-Jayasinha
20:00 05 Mar 18
I had a problem with my door! The door handle came off phoned him up late evening and cameOver in 20 mins effective service and then the next day it went all wrong came over again very quickly and drove 4 hours to go the supplier to get the parts and came back after driving 4 hours and sorted it! Excellent service highly recommend A+++
David D
David D
13:33 13 Mar 18
Excellent service. Very prompt arrival, gave me a range of options to choose from, and done to a high standard. Would highly recommend.
Jadwiga Biedulska
Jadwiga Biedulska
17:39 15 Mar 18
Very good service quick and professional. I recommend 100%
Kenny Martin
Kenny Martin
15:02 21 Mar 18
Managed to get locked out of my car with the engine still running. Needed help urgently and these guys were there in 20 mins and quickly solved my problem.
william attoh
william attoh
07:59 03 Apr 18
Top class professional and friendly service. From arranging for my locks to be replaced to the locksmith changing the locks. It was super efficient. Will highly recommend.Can’t thank you guys enough.
12:30 06 Apr 18
Very impressed with the owner of the Berkshire Expert Locksmiths. He was very prompt in answering the phone, extremly polite and did a really good job in assessing the requirements and then carrying out the installation swiflty. I have no hesttiation in recommending Eyal and his company to other. Very pleased!!
Sureya Vassallo
Sureya Vassallo
18:25 19 Apr 18
Yanko arrived promptly and checked several times that the problem was not a fluke and quickly replaced the barrel. He then went on to check that I had tested it and was satisfied.Thank you so much for making this a positive experience! I will definitely recommend!
Isabella Roper
Isabella Roper
21:04 24 Apr 18
Yanko came within 15 minutes and did a great job! And he tidied up afterward. Absolutely recommended.
Iain Fraser-Jones
Iain Fraser-Jones
09:41 04 May 18
These guys are AMAZING!..Having managed to get myself locked out of my house after midnight – Berkshire Expert Locksmiths were the ONLY company that picked up the phone and dealt with my emergency. ( I tied at least 10 different numbers beforehand.) Janko was super helpful and Alex was just BRILLIANT. Excellent service and value for money. They really know what they are doing and were so polite and helpful. 5 Star service rating and highly recommended!
R egarr
R egarr
12:07 18 Jun 18
Alex attended my home in the time scale provided. The rear UPVC door lock had failed and the multipoint locking system was jammed. He identified and showed me an important part of the internal system that had snapped off. This was a lever that actually freed to multipoint system. Alex was persistent in getting the locks to function and kept trying different approaches. Eventually succeeding and saving the door from being wrenched open. His persistence paid off and it was impressive. Many thanks Alex. I would definitely use the company again. The call out was within the hour even though I said it wasn’t an emergency. I was told they didn’t charge emergency call out and I was dubious about this. I didn’t need to be as they were true to their word.
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General Security Advice

Visible security is the most significant determining factor whether a burglary occurs or not. Propert with no security are far more likely to become victims of burglary.

The vast majority of home security measures are common sense and low cost, but can result in reduced insurance premiums.

For a relatively small cost you could make your home more secure and obtain piece of mind. Whenever you leave your property it is important to that you leave it as secure as possible.Getting into a prescribed routine can help ensure that you don’t forget obvious such as closing all windows and not leaving your valuables on display near windows. Here’s our quick reminder on what to do each time you leave your property.

  • Close and lock all doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a short time.
  • Set/turn on your burglar alarm.
  • Make sure access routes to the rear of the property, such as gates, is secure/locked.
  • Lock your shed, outhouses or garage.
  • Make sure that no valuables are in sight.
  • Put keys out of reach of letterboxes and out of sight.
  • In the evening, shut the curtains and leave some lights on.
  • Leave on a TV or radio to make it sound like you are at home.
  • Never leave car documents or personal ID in obvious or easily accessible places..
  • If you are going to be away for a longer time take additional action, such as cancelling newspaper and milk deliveries. Ask a neighbour, friend or family member to close curtains or park on your drive. Use a timer device to automatically turn lights and a radio on at night.

The majority of burglars can be deterred by these simple security measures and few want to risk a confrontation or getting caught.

Statistics show these actions would deter a would be intruder because the majority are opportunistic break ins, i.e. where they spot windows open or easy access. Extra precautions are necessary to keep out professional burglars. Most burglars want to be in and out quick so the more complicated and advanced the security – the less time a would be burglar has and the less likely they will bother to attack your property.  Below are some ways to further to protect your property:

  • Improve the security of your all doors and windows – using the latest and extra locks.
  • Main entrance front door should have a 5 lever mortise lock or cylinder mortise lock conforming to British Standard BS3621 and should be locked.
  • Other external doors should be fitted with either a 5 lever BS3621 mortise lock or with top and bottom mortise security bolts.
  • Windows at ground level are more vulnerable to forced entry, especially at the back of the property. These should be fitted with key operated window locks and the keys not left in the locks.
  • Above ground windows that can be easily reached via a roof, drain pipe or other way should be fitted with a key operated window lock.
  • French doors & patio doors should be fitted with top and bottom mortise security bolts and a mortise lock in the centre (if possible).
  • Outhouses and garages usually contain garden equipment, bicycles and other valuables etc so should be secured using 5 lever mortise locks or good quality padlocks.
  • Car and vans are now mainly stolen by stealing the car keys, either through break ins or by access through letter boxes.  Make sure vehicle keys are hidden and secure.
  • Remove keys from locked doors and windows and keep them out of sight.
  • Valuable items such as jewellery, computers, phones, electronic devices, cash, car keys and credit cards should be kept out of sight – Do not tempt a would be thief.
  • Most burglaries happen when a house or flat is empty so make it look like you are in when you are out.
  • Visible locks may deter some thieves.
  • Spare keys should never be left in obvious hiding places outside such as under the doormat, on a door frame or in a shoe – a thief will look in obvious places first.
  • Look at your property through the eyes of a burglar.
  • Light up your property and in particular the external areas during the night. Buglars don’t like being seen and this will put most off.  Motion sensor lights outside of properties by doors, windows and driveways are very effective.
  • Use time switches to turn the lights on inside your home when you are out.

Our Areas Covered

Areas covered include:

Reading, Bracknell, Slough, Maidenhead, Windsor, Wallingford, Hungerford, Wokingham, Pangbourne and Newbury. We also serve the smaller towns and villages fixing lock problems. Other places in Berkshire served outside of Caversham or RG4 area include: Tilehurst, Earley, Wargrave, Shiplake, Henley, Hurst, Woodley, Calcot, Goring, Theale, Tadley, Twyford, Burghfield and Mortimer.
Berkshire areas covered 24 hour emergency locksmith and lock out service Reading, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Newbury, Windsor, Wokingham, Abingdon, Ascot, Crowthorne, Eton, Hungerford, Sandhurst, Thatcham, Binfield, Bradfield, Bray, Bucklebury, Chieveley, Cold Ash, Crowthorne, Datchet, Finchampstead, Greenham, Hungerford, Aldershot, Kintbury, Lambourn, Old Windsor, Slough, Speen, Stoke Poges, Stratfield Mortimer, Streatley, Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Warfield, Wargrave, White Waltham, Spencers Wood, Three Mile Cross, Southcote, Sulham, Tidmarsh, Finchampstead, Wallingford, Shinfield.

Some of the South Oxfordshire areas that our expert locksmiths cover, some have RG postcodes and some OX postcodes. Benson, Binfield Heath, Bix and Assendon, Bix, Chazey Heath, Chinnor, Christmas Common, Crays Pond, Didcot,Dorchester-on-Thames, Goring Heath, Goring-on-Thames,Henley-on-Thames, Highmoor, Ipsden, Kelmscott, Mapledurham, Marsh Baldon, Mongewell, Play Hatch, Rotherfield Peppard, Shiplake, Sonning Eye, South Stoke,Thame, Wantage, Whitchurch Hill, Whitchurch-on-Thames, Woodcote.

Some of the most popular areas in North Hampshire that our locksmith experts serve, for emergency or non emergency locksmith services, replacement locks, seurity improvements and upgrades, lock outs and replacement key cutting include North East Hampshire: Aldershot, Aldermaston, Padworth, Camberley, Alton, Basingstoke, Bordon, Farnborough, Fleet, Hook, Tadley, Andover, Stockbridge and Whitchurch.


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