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Locksmith Reading Service in Berkshire UK: Residential and Commercial – 26/05/2019

Berkshire Expert Locksmiths is fully equipped to handle all type of residential lock problems, and so offer residential lockout service. We are the best answer to locksmith near me for all. So give us a call!

A scary lockout situation!

It is just as scarier to find yourself unable to unlock your home door as it is to find it open upon your arrival. You might be trying to open your main gate while the lock is somehow jammed and it isn’t moving. This situation is pretty scary on its own but well not with our locksmith residential lockout service.

We have fixed several of these problems of the residential lockout with different types of locks, keys, gates, and the outcome has always been same, i.e., Locksmith in Reading always become successful to unlock the door and ease out the stress and tension of homeowners. So, you can rely on residential lockout service offer by us!

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services

We are always there at your service to help you out and guess what! We are one phone call away to fix your residential lockout. Our professionally trained workers will reach your place in the time span of 15 to 30 minutes to get you out of your problem. To be honest, it is not even a problem at least for us.

We provide 24/7 emergency lockout service, and we know exactly how to do our job. Since we are based in the Berkshire UK, we provide residential lockout services in the respective area. Our expert technicians know how to do their job and have experience in all lock models and locking systems; therefore it is effortless for us to get you out of the residential lockout.  All we need is your trust in our services. We can’t only unlock locks with keys but also those with keyless entry systems.

So next time, you get stuck in a residential lockout, you know where to go. Call Reading Locksmith UK, and our experts will be at your door in no time unlocking your door in a few minutes.

No worry if you need emergency commercial lock repair services as we are here to serve you with the best that we can have. All you need is to give us a call.

We are Experts!

A lock may pose issues, and that’s why they are so tough to crack. On a bad day, it will make it difficult for you and your subordinates to enter your commercial premises. Just in case if the lock sticks or it is getting increasingly hard for you to turn, you might be wasting your time in trying. Rather you should be worried about calling a locksmith for commercial lock repair services. When a lock isn’t working, you could well be putting yourself in danger of a burglary that can be unfortunate. This is why we propose that we could repair your locks and replace them whenever needed in no time!

Commercial lock re-key

Our locksmith services are customized according to your commercial security needs, from minor to major repairs. So, if you need to upgrade your system or need commercial lock re-key help, then give us a call.

Our commercial lock re-key services comprise:

  • Lock fix
  • Lock re-key

Residential lock re-key 

Our residential lock rekey services are the most famous in Berkshire UK. We offer all types of lock rekey services for your homes. We have technicians to set all of your locks to operate.

Sometimes our clients hire us with a wish that they don’t want the lock to be changed altogether. They instead wish to rekey the lock in a way that the hardware stays the same while the lock opens with a new key. Of course, it will cease to open with the previous keys as well. This is where Locksmith Reading Services come in to provide the best residential lock rekey service for you.

Contact Us Now For 24HR fast response

How to Find the Right Residential Locksmith Service in Reading, Berkshire, UK- 28/03/2019

​If for any reason, you’ve ever locked yourself outside, or have misplaced your keys or had them stolen,
you would appreciate having a trusted residential locksmith service in Reading,
Berkshire, UK available to rescue you.
However, you don’t just go about contacting any residential locksmith service in Reading,
without taking a look at a few criteria that stand them out.

Here are a few tips that will help you find the right residential locksmith service in Reading, Berkshire, UK:

Identify Need

Don’t just go about hiring a residential locksmith without finding out exactly what assistance you’ll need from them.
Think about the particular services you want and get a locksmith that offers that service.
Being specific helps to get you the right locksmith that would meet your needs.
Additionally, your chances of getting an accurate estimate increases.

Get Referrals

This is, in fact, one of the most useful tips in getting the right residential locksmith service in Reading, Berkshire, UK.
Ask around from friends, close relatives, and neighbors that have used the service of a residential locksmith before.
If the residential locksmith has served them well previously, then there’s a chance they will serve you well too.
If these people fail to provide you a trustworthy referral, then you can also turn to your insurance provider.
This is basically because insurance providers readily have a list of reliable locksmiths that they can call up at any time.

Lookout for Licensed Residential Locksmith

If you want excellent services, then you have to be sure they are even qualified to offer it.
One of the easiest ways to be sure about the qualification of residential locksmith service in Reading
is through their license. Check to be sure that they are licensed by the appropriate body, before agreeing to work with them.

Verify Insurance

By getting an insured locksmith, you are indirectly covering your property in case of unexpected damages.
In essence, you will not be held responsible for the damage of any property while work is going on.
There you have it. Some significant points to check when looking for a residential locksmith service in Reading, Berkshire, UK
got any more questions? Contact us today, and we guarantee the best answer for you.

Reaction and Comfort, Locksmith in Reading – 21/01/2019

We effectiveness those valuable traits are essential when you offer
locksmith services around the clock, covering all areas of Reading.
We are extremely convenient to use and provide rapid response, with over two decades of
expertise and all the professional equipment and competence to give you assistance when it is
most wanted. Make sure that you keep us in your mind, when finding yourself in an urgent or
non urgent need for good and professional locksmith service  in Reading.

Quick reaction, Locksmith reading- 18/12/2018

We are available for you now and always, whenever you need us, when you find yourself in an
uneasy situation and in an urgent need for a locksmith, whether in distress or not we are always
here for you. Found yourself locked outside in reading ? No need to worry,
one of our team members can assist you with a fair rate and fast response whether you need to
replace your lock or locked outside, we are here to deliver exceptional services costumed for
your individual needs.

Professional consultants

Our professional consultants are waiting for your call, ready to offer you all of the spectacular
services we could be handing out for you today, along with lock replacements,attaining
entrance, new lock set-ups and many many more. We take pride at our locksmith company for
also having a friendly and domestic upvc door experts team that can seamlessly change strips,
barrels and mechanisms at your request.
In case you’re in a hurry, stuck outside or else, you can be confident that calling us is indeed
your best choice to enter your house again, as soon as possible. Our services cover all Reading areas , at any time of the day with fair prices. Call us at any time, any day
from anywhere you find yourself in need. Please contact us and see what we can
offer you Today!

Locksmith Reading Berkshire Safety consultation around the clock- 11/10/2018

We would like to take a moment and talk about good security practices that you might consider adopting. As we all know, at this day and age we manage our most important tasks using our mobile or smart devices. Practically most of our valued information is stored within these devices. As someone who is concerned with your safety we must advise you to improve the way you keep your devices safe. Our first suggestion is to make sure you know where your laptop, smartphone, tablets and any other device are at all times.

Adopting responsible safety practice is something that we will always recommend. An ever growing device use, comes with an ever growing risk of something happening to them, so please increase your device security awareness at all times.

Secured spot

When you’re done using them, make a habit of keeping these devices stored away and safe. Place them in a secured spot, where they can’t be seen or reached by unwanted intruders. Unfortunately, we come across a many cases where, in a matter of minutes, thieves seize the opportunity easily reached through the window, and grabb a phone that was left on the table.

So please take our advice and make sure that you place your valuable belongings in a safe spot when not in use, far away from grabbing hands. If you would like to know more about this matter and past experiences, please contact us and one of our experts will be happy to assist at any time. Excellent home protection starts with good habits, we will be happy to advise you on how to improve your habits and of course on how to improve your house protection. You can be sure that we will do everything we can to make sure that you and your personal possessions are safe and sound.

All kinds of security solutions, that’s us! Locksmith reading- 16/09/2018

If you ask any member of our dedicated staff about the service we provide, you can be sure that each one of them understands fully the great significance of serving our clients with the highest standard of professional assistance. This kind of knowledge is a result of ongoing practice, continuous expansion of our abilities and unending quest for new and challenging experiences. We believe that there is no such thing as passive development, therefore we are always eager to evolve by training our staff better and understanding the market better, this constant improvement is the main reason for the high end protection service we provide while still keeping our very fair price range.

We always keep in mind, that what we do is no laughing matter, after all our purpose is to guarantee the safety of your life and cherished possessions, there is no room for errors, we take the utmost precautions when handling any kind or scope of any project. We esteem our clients and this is why we give them back only the best.

Understanding the client

Understanding the client is the first step to delivering great service, we know that we can’t really provide the full extent of security solutions without going througly over the client’s needs. Thus, we listen first to what you need, only by listening we can make sure that all your demands are fulfilled to the highest satisfaction. Furthermore, being in optimal readiness all the time, is a prime factor of successful treatment of any case of imminent emergency that we encounter. Our skilled professionals are always equipped with a wide range of tools, for any instance. Backup parts, new locks and alarm extra alarm system are always in stock along with skillful handymen that are available and willing to aid at any call. Our experts are waiting for your call, for any security query you might have, please do not hesitate and contact us.

What makes us the leading locksmith team in the Reading area ? – 15/08/2018

Keeping your precious assets well protected, requires constant preparation and self improvement. This is our main work ethics, in this dynamic and uncertain world, we always aim at expanding our solution range to face any occurring circumstance. Even if you have the tiniest doubt about how protected your house is, or the readiness level of your security arrangements, you are welcome to call us and we will do everything possible to contribute to your safety- this is what we do.

Highest level of protection

In order to provide the highest level of protection, our team is constantly evolving and preparing to face any new and unwanted threats. Preparation is a matter of expanding our knowledge and expertise but is also a matter of improving our tools and skill set.

Sadly, like always but especially today, people are always on the search for easy ways to profit on the expense of others, therefore thieves and burglars are developing their methods according to yesterday’s top of the line defence systems. Diligence is required on our side, and this is what we do, we always strive to be one step ahead.

You can be sure that our team is keeping things current and well aware of all the current changes in the field. Furthermore we are always set on providing our clients with fair and affordable offers.

We invite you to share with us any query or need you might have.

Can’t get in ? Berkshire Expert Locksmiths are here to help! Locksmith Reading- 29/07/2018

Found yourself locked outside of your door. What can you do to fix this unfortunate
circumstance? Well, there are several options you could try, and all of us at Berkshire
locksmith are here to provide you with the best possible solutions! Your first step
should be to call us for help.

First, in case one of your close friends or neighbors has a spare key, then you should
obviously first call them and ask for it! That would definitely be the best and quickest
solution for your predicament. Else, If you have a landlord then calling him and
asking for an extra key would be a good idea. Also, if you live in a residential
complex, the property manager’s office might have a spare key. Once they let you
use their key, to get yourself back home. Are you home and safe? Don’t forget to
make sure you go and make a copy of the key, for future use.

Spare key

If none of these options work, and there is no spare key to be found, you can check if
one of the windows is open. Obviously, if one of your windows is open, there is a
bigger concern than being left out of your house- your premises may be vulnerable to
an intrusion. We recommend you keep all your windows locked from now on, but in
this particular case, it may assist you more than being a hazard.

Finally, if none of these suggestions helped you get back in, then now is the time you
to contact us for an experienced expert to easily get you back in your house, with no
harm to your property. You may consider trying to break in by yourself, either by
removing your doorknob or picking your own lock. We advise you not to do that, it
may create unnecessary damage, that eventually will lead you to call us to fix the
problem anyway. So please contact us, and have our skilled team fix the situation in
no time, so you can get back and have a pleasant evening at home.

Can’t get in ? Berkshire Expert Locksmiths are here to help! Locksmith Reading- 29/07/2018

Our service is available for all locations, offering a quick response to every need, whenever, wherever. Contact us and get a fast solution to any situation you may find yourself in. Speed is one of our most important values, we offer a high standard, reliable quality service with a minimal waiting period, for all your troubles.


We make great effort to guarantee, that all of our clients’ security concerns are taken care of in the best possible way. It is highly important for us that our clients know that they make the best choice when choosing our services. Feel free to ask our loyal staff anything, we invite you to ask for our low-cost quotes, easily compared with the competition, for your convenience and peace of mind. We stand by our promises – low and fair prices, impeccable service and high protection standards, surpassing any other offers you may get in this field. We provide all of these services, whenever you need, for any location in Berkshire, guaranteeing a fast as possible response time, especially if there is a case of urgency.

 Everyday needs

To satisfy your everyday needs, including installments, repairs, restorations and key copying- contact us today and discover our seamless and inexpensive delivery. We are very proud of the quality of service we provide with emphasis on being there for you, as fast as possible, giving you all you require wherever you are. After all, there is no need for emergency locksmith aid if you can’t get it in time! Spare yourself future hassle and let our skilled and trustworthy team members work for you.

Better than ever front door security, Locksmith reading- 29/06/2018

Unfortunately, It is quite possible that your front door is not sufficiently secure.
Feeling safe is the most basic need we all have. We all feel this necessity, especially
when we put our loved ones to sleep and go to bed. In the end, feeling secure is the
key to peace of mind, good rest and even feeling healthy,

You need to make sure to call a professional  Locksmith Reading, Access and Repair .

it is important to have the same feeling when you are out, or at work,
feeling safe and sound, knowing your household and possessions are secure at all
times. Nonetheless, with nationwide intrusion and property related delinquency on
the rise, more and more troubled clients have been calling us, to
ask about home protection improvements. It doesn’t matter if your door is made of
wood, blended materials or plastic, additional security improvements could almost
always be installed and significantly upgrade your home protection.

Door chain

The door chain is one of the most common safety measures. In fact it is probably
the most essential security component, especially in cases of hostile intrusion
at night time. In such a case when an intruder tries to get into your house by force
and break the door, a secure door chain will make things more difficult, hamper his
attempt and alert you or your surroundings. This will raise the chances for police
involvement sooner and prevent any further damage to yourself and your
In addition, a highly favored installment is anti-thrust plates. These are metal plates,
attached with mortise locks installed on the house’s main entrance –on the external
part of the door’s framework, making any attempt of breaking the lock almost
Solutions are abundant but an appropriate solution stands in need of a proper
product, based on a precise evaluation of your property by a qualified member of
Berkshire locksmith, this will produce a high guarantee that you have the best
security for home and family. Should you have any additional queries concerning
homer home protection, please feel free to contact us.

Key factors for home security, Locksmith reading- 29/05/2018

It is well known within our customers base, that optimal security maintenance is one of the most
important values of Berkshire Expert Locksmiths In Reading. While some issues should be
considered common knowledge, it is surprising that some people fail to realize the high risk level of leaving one’s property unattended and vulnerable, an event that should be avoided by all means.

In evaluating one’s domestic security, the key concern is your very own door lock. The main
entrance to your household, must come first. Obviously, your optimal lock type must be determined by the door’s substance and size. For instance, if your main entrance door is made of wood, Expert Locksmith Reading will advise to consolidate a Yale lock and a mortise lock. For a UPVC door, it is best to obtain an anti-snap and an anti-bump lock to guarantee the highest level of protection.

Primary entry

While your front doors are the primary entry to your household, they’re not the only path of entry
and therefore are not the sole access point you should take into consideration as part of protecting
your home. The windows may be more vulnerable for potential intruders, even though breaking them may accentuate and alarm the surroundings.

To prevent it, you must guarantee that your windows are equipped with a sufficient locking system.
obviously, securing your windows is crucial for the known reasons, but it also works as a Mean of
deterrence. Burglars tend to estimate their risk before entering, they are looking to find the exact
houses in which owners have not taken enough security measures and seem “easy” to access.
Possession of a sufficient, operating window locking system will prevent any unwanted infiltrators
from marking your estate to begin with. Moreover, it is highly recommended to assure that your glass windows are durable enough and take further security measures in order to guarantee your safety while keeping the same level of home decor.

Moving home ? Locksmith Reading are there for you

There are a few really important security measures that are essential when you move.
Undoubtedly the most critical one is changing your new house locks, we strongly advise to do so
with every move you make.

We do not intend to cause panic however, you can never really know if there are any key copies
of your keys, nor how many people are able to enter your new premise. For this reason, taking
this safety precaution must be one of the primary actions to do before you settle down in your
new house. Locksmith Reading would be happy to make this process simple and easy, supplying
you with at least two keys for each lock replacement. As a matter of fact, in case you are in need
of a new set of keys, we will be happy to cut them and provide them to you. All of these services
are just additional examples of Locksmith Reading commitment to make your move as effortless
and easy as possible.

Moving a home

When moving a home, one can always buy new locks and change them by
themselves. We at Locksmith Reading must advise that this is not the most recommended action
plan. You don’t need to take a chance of insufficient setup when you can always use the

trustworthy services of Locksmith Reading and get a quick, sufficient and seamless setup,
whenever you please. We have years of experience in providing the best protection systems for
new home movers. Security solutions may vary between areas of residence, so one may prefer
taking extra precautions when moving to an area with a higher intrusion risk.

At Locksmith Reading as a whole, we are very proud of our professional staff members, always
willing to assist with every aspect of evaluating your domestic security needs. We’re able to map
your security demands and spot all possible vulnerable points of your premises. In case you wish
to have a brand new alarm system, our loyal Locksmith Reading staff will be happy to install it in
a jiffy.

Contact us today and find out what can be done with your new residence.

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