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In addition to emergency locksmith services in Berkshire area, we offer long term security advice.

Improve the security to your property and reduce the risk of break ins, burglary, theft and vandalism. This could lead to lower insurance premiums.

  • Improved locks to meet with insurance standards.
  • Security shutters and grills.

Burglary or break ins can have a long lasting impact on victims, often leaving them feeling threatened and vulnerable. However, it is easy to take some common sense and simple measures to reduce the chance of this happening to you or your loved ones. Follow this advice to deter thieves and to make you feel more secure in your property.

General Security Advice

Visible security is the most significant determining factor whether a burglary occurs or not. Propert with no security are far more likely to become victims of burglary.

The vast majority of home security measures are common sense and low cost, but can result in reduced insurance premiums.

For a relatively small cost you could make your home more secure and obtain piece of mind. Whenever you leave your property it is important to that you leave it as secure as possible.Getting into a prescribed routine can help ensure that you don’t forget obvious such as closing all windows and not leaving your valuables on display near windows. Here’s our quick reminder on what to do each time you leave your property.

  • Close and lock all doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a short time.
  • Set/turn on your burglar alarm.
  • Make sure access routes to the rear of the property, such as gates, is secure/locked.
  • Lock your shed, outhouses or garage.
  • Make sure that no valuables are in sight.
  • Put keys out of reach of letterboxes and out of sight.
  • In the evening, shut the curtains and leave some lights on.
  • Leave on a TV or radio to make it sound like you are at home.
  • Never leave car documents or personal ID in obvious or easily accessible places..
  • If you are going to be away for a longer time take additional action, such as cancelling newspaper and milk deliveries. Ask a neighbour, friend or family member to close curtains or park on your drive. Use a timer device to automatically turn lights and a radio on at night.

The majority of burglars can be deterred by these simple security measures and few want to risk a confrontation or getting caught.

Statistics show these actions would deter a would be intruder because the majority are opportunistic break ins, i.e. where they spot windows open or easy access. Extra precautions are necessary to keep out professional burglars. Most burglars want to be in and out quick so the more complicated and advanced the security – the less time a would be burglar has and the less likely they will bother to attack your property.  Below are some ways to further to protect your property:

  • Improve the security of your all doors and windows – using the latest and extra locks.
  • Main entrance front door should have a 5 lever mortise lock or cylinder mortise lock conforming to British Standard BS3621 and should be locked.
  • Other external doors should be fitted with either a 5 lever BS3621 mortise lock or with top and bottom mortise security bolts.
  • Windows at ground level are more vulnerable to forced entry, especially at the back of the property. These should be fitted with key operated window locks and the keys not left in the locks.
  • Above ground windows that can be easily reached via a roof, drain pipe or other way should be fitted with a key operated window lock.
  • French doors & patio doors should be fitted with top and bottom mortise security bolts and a mortise lock in the centre (if possible).
  • Outhouses and garages usually contain garden equipment, bicycles and other valuables etc so should be secured using 5 lever mortise locks or good quality padlocks.
  • Car and vans are now mainly stolen by stealing the car keys, either through break ins or by access through letter boxes.  Make sure vehicle keys are hidden and secure.
  • Remove keys from locked doors and windows and keep them out of sight.
  • Valuable items such as jewellery, computers, phones, electronic devices, cash, car keys and credit cards should be kept out of sight – Do not tempt a would be thief.
  • Most burglaries happen when a house or flat is empty so make it look like you are in when you are out.
  • Visible locks may deter some thieves.
  • Spare keys should never be left in obvious hiding places outside such as under the doormat, on a door frame or in a shoe – a thief will look in obvious places first.
  • Look at your property through the eyes of a burglar.
  • Light up your property and in particular the external areas during the night. Buglars don’t like being seen and this will put most off.  Motion sensor lights outside of properties by doors, windows and driveways are very effective.
  • Use time switches to turn the lights on inside your home when you are out.
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